Product Description


100% brand new.

Pre-curved fingers fit riding style

Durable material Design

Unbreakable Knuckles Protection

Palm Designed for better Grip

Finger Armor to Provide Comfortable and Flexible Protection 

Palm material: synthetic leather, fabric, PVC

Back material: nylon, polyester, PU leather

Washable and reusable

Dimensions:24.00 cm x 12.00 cm x 4.00 cm

Weight:195 g  

 Description:   DS MotoX1

Price: $ 20.00

Description:  Monter Glove 2i

Price:  $ 15.00

Description: TZ alto Glove

Price:  $ 20.00

Description:  Crocs Tilt Glove

Price:  $ 18.00

Description:  Adidas Xtreme E5

Price:  $ 25.00

Description:  Yambere XT

Price:  $21.00

Description:  Azume AT

Price:  $23.00

Description:  Moto CT a2

Price:  $ 17.00

Description:  Codec Ai Glove

Price:   $ 15.00


All the gloves was only available on its original color and all are for free size.

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